Note to Faith & Friends: 11/18/21

Note to Faith & Friends: A couple weeks ago at dinner, as we were talking about Christmas music, Maddie Torosian said, “When Jose Feliciano sings he wants to wish me a merry Christmas, I genuinely believe he wants to wish me a merry Christmas.”

So I got to thinking about Jose and I went back to one of my favorites.

His version of The Doors “Light My Fire” is amazing. And it is going to be the subject of next “Check it Out” segment on Monday School (11/22/21)…
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Until then, I’ll see you Sunday morning at 9AM on FB Live. Have a great week.

3 thoughts on “Note to Faith & Friends: 11/18/21

  1. Sounds good!! Light My Fire!!❤️‍🔥😄.


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