Sunday Sermon Audio File for 7/9/17

Sermon Follow Up: July 10, 2017

I cobbled this together from different sources for my sermon yesterday. The question came up as to why there’s nothing to be hopeful about. When you study what’s been going on through government agencies, education, news media, entertainment media and The Church…You get the reason why something like—for instance—Harry Potter was so successful and makes people feel good.

(Just using Harry Potter as an example)

With all of the struggles and pain, the lead characters in the Harry Potter series go through…they always keep going…they always have hope…they always find joy. Which is unlike much of everything else that’s been pushed on the world for the last 100 years, where the powers that be seem purposed to rob us of all hope and future.

Just for fun…What follows are various things that have happened, been advanced and speculated on in order to affect our way of thinking about the future. Continue reading

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