Note to Burbank Faith Virtual: Can YOU say, Win?

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This scene is iconic (especially for an average movie). I’ve heard it played at football fields before the home team comes out of the locker room.

I’ve heard it mentioned countless times in sports references.

And I think what ramps our emotions up, for the most part, is the idea of somebody we love and cherish saying they believe in us. It’s what we all want to hear from the person that owns our heart.

What’s interesting is the first time Talia Shire (“Adrian”) says “Win,” it’s for her husband’s encouragement. He needed to hear it. 

The second time she says “Win,” it comes across as a desperate need of her heart. He needed to know it was important to her.

And, of course, it inspires Rocky to go on and conquer the squared-circle.

But what is striking and needs to be asked is, can we say “Win”…? Can we say it rather than constantly seeking to receive it? 

Can we say it to a loved one, spouse, dear friend, or someone we are responsible for? Will we convey the simple desperation that their joy will be our great joy? 

“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”–Matthew 7:12