Gems from the Well: “The Trouble with Spiritual Yoga Pants in a Pandemic!” (7/8/20)

Gems From The Well

In these strange and difficult times, we all need a reminder of where our hope is found…come to the Well…

By Shirley Fruchey

James 1:2-3; Hebrews 10: 35-36 & 1 Peter 5: 8-9

“The Trouble with Spiritual Yoga Pants in a Pandemic!”

Many years ago, I wrote a piece for Women’s Ministries called “The Trouble with Yoga Pants.” I was much younger, had small children, and was a stay at home mommy. I was full of exciting ideas about my home, family, and my Christian walk.  

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Note to Burbank Faith: 2/28/20

Burbank Faith Nazarene
505 S. 6th Street Burbank, CA 91501

***It’s Communion Sunday this week.

Reminder to Visitors & Visitors with Children: You do not need to be a member of Burbank Faith to take communion…You do not have to attend services regularly…You do not have to tithe directly to Burbank Faith…The only requirement is to know Jesus as your Savior.

And bring your kids to the communion table…We trust that you will explain to them what it is all about.

***Pastor Joe T. will be preaching from Genesis 15:1-7

Sunday Service begins at 10:30 AM

***Prayer Service, Sunday Night 5 to 6:PM in Sanctuary. All are welcome.

***Wednesday Night Bible Study 5 to 6:30PM
We eat, study, pray, and dismiss.

***Burbank Faith Church of The Nazarene
505 South Sixth Street
Burbank, CA

***What Kind of Church is Burbank Faith?
We are small, we are not political, we are Bible-based. If it can’t be found in the Scriptures, it will not be preached or taught from the pulpit at Burbank Faith.

***If you have a question ask it in the comments section below.

Can I Trust the New Testament?

By Dr. Rick Cornish
(”5 Minute Apologist”—2005)

The New Testament is a collection of twenty-seven documents written by Christ’s apostles and their friends 2,000 years ago. Their original writings, called autographs, no longer exist. Today we read copies of copies translated from Greek into English or other modern languages. But copyists make errors. How can we know that today’s versions accurately record what the authors wrote so long ago? When we read the New Testament, is it what God intended us to have. Continue reading


Tonight 7 to 8:PM

Tonight 7 to 8:PM

Through the weekend and early this week…so many of our people have been hit with physical ailments…So tonight we are postponing Bible Study and Worship Team practice to have a special prayer time specifically for our church and those connected to it.

Please join us in the sanctuary…Join us from home…

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