Revival Starts Tonight: 7-9PM

Note to Burbank Faith & Friends: We are excited about Revival this week…All the details are in the flyer (pictured)…But we want to add a couple of notes:

1.) The location of our church and parking facility are in two different places. Revival Location: Is 505 South Sixth Street in Burbank.Parking Location: Is 111 South Sixth Street in Burbank. (Just past Angeleno Ave. on the south side. A sign will be visible saying Revival Parking)…The walk to the church is about ten minutes. We will have a shuttle driver to bring people to and from the church.

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Note to Burbank Faith & Friends: Please join us for Revival next week

Our special speaker will be Dr. Larry Garman, and all the details are in the comment box below…
Leading Worship:
Wednesday: (Glendale) Pastor Hrag Karagosian & Leslie Garman
Thursday: Leslie Garman
Friday-Thru-Sunday: Otoniel & Dina Flores

It might seem inconvenient. It might seem like a hassle, but in the madness, the world has been and will continue to be–on and through the election–it would be wise to ground ourselves, again, in the One who gives us life and hope.

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FaithView: October 10, 2020

By Joe Torosian

Dave Bowman: You see, something’s going to happen.
Dr. Floyd: What? What’s going to happen?
Dave Bowman: Something wonderful.
—2010: The Year We Make Contact

As believers, we’re familiar with the story arc.

Creation, Fall, Redemption…God created, Man fell, and Christ redeemed us with his work on the cross and resurrection.

The fourth aspect we neglect, too often, is Restoration. The Bible begins in the Garden and essentially takes us back there in Revelation 22. We are restored back into the relationship God intended us to have with him. Continue reading