Burbank Faith Prayer Update: 4/6/22


Bigabe Nzayiramya and his family in Uganda.

Bigabe Nzayiramya is a young pastor and a church planter in a rural area of Uganda. He, his wife, and two young children have all been sick with malaria and recovering. They are struggling across the board financially from transportation to living costs.

Please pray for them. 

This request from Rev. Harrie Phil. Trotman, our pastor at Exposition Park Church of The Nazarene.

This came from Seana Zilbert:
My cousin Amber in Oregon lost her husband very suddenly and unexpectedly..he was young no health issues. She went to the store and came home and found him..no suicide..they have no idea what cause his death…If you could please pray for her and her husband’s family..his name was Adam.

Bill Alajaji’s mother Ruth Alajaji recently fell and fractured a rib.
From Jan Hart:
Her husband Dave got this message from his friend Terry:
“Pray for my cousin… she shot herself in the chest attempting suicide last night and is in the hospital. Had emergency surgery and apparently needs a second one. Details are a little fuzzy… her kids were too upset to make clear sense at 4 am when they called…”
Continue to pray for Sarah Williams. 

Her husband Drew passed away about ten days ago. She has two young children to raise.

(Drew Williams is Gina Griffin’s nephew.)

Continue to pray for Vincent Antonio.

Vince is a retired school teacher in Arroyo Grande. He’s also very close to my cousin Marilyn. Vince is suffering from an advanced form of cancer.

Continue to pray for Matthew Wait and the re-scheduling of his surgery. He is suffering a tumor—benign—in his brain.

Continue to pray for our church congregations. 
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Reminder: Online ministry may not be the ideal, but lives our still be reached and affected through it. 

Fab Five

Five Pastors (including the photographer) are involved in this pic. All five shared that they didn’t want to be Pastors…but, combined, all five have 140 years of experience Pastoring.

Yesterday, I was at a breakfast for pastors. Three times, during the course of the meal, we prayed for specific situations. Including a retired Peace Corps worker named Paul who we just met in the restaurant. He’s 85 and looking at possible intestinal surgery.

When I leaving breakfast many of these requests you see above began to pour in.

These aren’t accidents. These are responsibilities the Lord has placed before all of us. To pray for people we know, and people we don’t know is an honor. Please see it as such.

I’ll see you a little later today with a Sermonette and in-person at Burbank Faith at 5:30 PM

Of course, we’d love to see everybody on Easter Sunday.

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God Bless,
Pastor Joe T.

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