One thought on “Burbank Faith Monday School: 1/31/22

  1. SHES’ ALIVE, SHE’S ALIVE!!! (My IPad) And I’M BAAAAACK!!! It’s a Miracle!!! 😄and thank you for the “heads up” to all about replacing this iPad! But it IS “up & running” again!!🥳 ♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍. Totally agree with everything you said for this Monday school!! I certainly have been BUSY with one on one ministering to blast from the past old co workers!!! I Love it though! And yes. . . I can’t even imagine what the Lord has purposed for me in the Ages to come!!! It is actually so exciting, even though so difficult sometimes! But I have grown so much and learned so much in ministering to others. The Lord’s Presence is my favorite place to be😄


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