2 thoughts on “Burbank Faith Sunday Message: 1/30/22

  1. I was Blessed to hear this sermon in person at the Outside Service and Fellowship with distancing and safely served hors d’oeuvres!! 😃. But enjoyed and got even more listening to it again ! Isn’t that just like the living Word of God!!😊. Always growing within you! Breaking chains that bind . . .through Praising Him!! Thank You again for this message!!❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍


  2. Wait. This is messed up. . .the comment that I left. . I started for the right sermon. . .then ended it with what I wanted to say about today’s sermon!! 2/6/2022!! Sorry! I got messed up ! Listened to to many. . When my iPad started working again! But LOVED AND ENJOYED BOTH SERMONS!! ♥️🥰🤲🏻💓


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