4 thoughts on “Back in Business…Hopefully.

  1. This transmission came through well. It was good to hear your voice.
    Yes, I can relate to all the life ending and life changing things that are going on in everyone’s life right now and how that can bring in doubt and pain!! Have been struggling with those things one on top of the next for the last five years or more. Getting closer to giving up with every blow! A real battleground mentality, spiritually and physically to say the least. Actually never thought I would be this down again in my life, but here I am, letting horrible, depressing thoughts in. . .and getting so tired and weak in all areas that I don’t seem to fight like I usually do, just want to give up. Thank You Jesus for carrying me, my only Hope is in You Lord. Yes, we ALL are needing prayer and that IS one thing that does keep me going, as I DO pray everyday a lot. For others and myself. It is ONE thing I still CAN do. And I recommend it to everyone. Prayer and reading the Word as much as possible. No matter how down you get. It is life saving. . . JESUS SAVES.
    So Thank You for this message Pastor Joe. Sorry Em and I missed seeing you at Church last Sunday. We really enjoyed Pastor Bills message though! It was our first Church Service since original lockdown, (not counting revival & Pre Thanksgiving Communion). We felt the need to be around family at this hard time for us. Attendance was sparse and closest family left before we could connect with even a hello. . . But Pastor Bill Prayed for us and was so very kind and caring, we Thank him for that! God Bless him for all he does, even with all his own suffering. And we thank You and appreciate Your good work too! God Bless you! So glad you are BACK ONLINE! Please don’t give up and abandon us.


  2. I am missing your Monday School, Pastor Joe! Is it on another site that I don’t know of, or is it on hold because of the tech problem issue? Thanks for sharing prayer requests. Joining with your congregation in prayer for these.


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