One thought on “Wednesday Bible Study/Sermonette: 12/1/21

  1. Ofc. . . . LOVE this! ❤️💕. I Do Believe that God is Bigger than anything we could even begin to imagine with our finite minds. I have sometimes imagined how our whole universe (as we know it) being but a single Cell to God (or even smaller). But Being The Loving Creator, He knows every nano nano nano particle of that cell and knows exactly what’s going on with every tiny thing. Being His Tiny Children we CANNOT comprehend. But in His Infinite Wisdom, He gives us all that we need to complete His purpose and Will. He IS The Author and Finisher. And LARGER THAN LIFE AND ALL CREATION. He Loves us so much as to invite us to become one with Him and spend eternity with Him!! Unfathomable! PRAISE HIM!


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