One thought on “Burbank Faith Virtual: Monday School

  1. Great Monday school “Check it out” ! Coming out of the “Jesus” movement of the 60’s . . . I so very often applied something spiritual to the songs that were popular at the time, and YES, Light My Fire 🔥 was one of those!! ✌🏼☮️🪔🕯❤️‍🔥.
    Also, after accepting my salvation and being on fire for the Lord, was sooo amazed at the answer He gave me when I asked Him . . . “Now that I am SavedAnd belong to you Lord. . . What should I do about work? Should I ask for a transfer or quit? He VERY STRONGLY answered me saying “ Stay exactly were you are! You are positioned where you can be most useful!” 😯Wow, I was NOT expecting that! As I was a cocktail (and food) server in the Carnival Room ( bar and dance club) of the Wilshire Hyatt House Hotel!! (very early 1980’s) Thinking that drinking was a big no no for a Born Again Christian! Coming from a lot of Alcoholism in my family, knowing the damage it does. . . I had always done my best to drink socially but not get drunk. . .knowing when to stop and doing so, had never been a problem for me, as well as, not even thinking of having any alcohol around when “some” people were in my presence. Or cutting people off when I thought they had enough.. I have plenty of stories! 😆
    But one time, this couple came in and the guy looked at the pictured drinks advertised on the table tent, and said “ I have tried all these drinks and none of them really did it for me! I want to try something that is really going to get us high! Higher than anything drink we have tried! What do you suggest?” . . . I found myself very calmly and directly looking at him straight and said. . . “ Why don’t you try JESUS? He does it for me, I’m sure He will do it for you!” And Smiled. The guy looked at me for what seemed like a very long time without saying anything! I expected he would get angry. . .but instead he said. . .”You know what? . . . .I think I will!! How can I do that?” Long, short. . .I lead them both in a prayer and they accepted the Lord!! Hooray Hooray Hooray! And gave them a paperback New Testament that I always had with me. Then they asked if it was ok to still have a drink. I told them what I knew about the subject. . .The Bible says don’t get drunk, Jesus’s first recorded miracle (besides Creation and being born into the world etc.) was turning water into wine at a Wedding reception and that wine was taken for medicinal purposes sometimes. I was raised Catholic & I knew that they drank in moderation. But that I believed it was a personal judgement decision. . They decided on two glasses of wine, ordered hor d’oeuvres, had a delightfully romantic evening, they DID dance, left a huge tip, thanked me too much and left happy and smiling. That was the beginning of a subtle little ministry that I had going on at the Hyatt’s for YEARS to come!! And learned you CAN serve God ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! 😄 Had lots of great debates, saw lots of Souls saved (some regular customers, some co-workers). My “Secular Street School of The Holy Spirit” 🤣 has continued from there.😃. Seems to have slowed down with age, but definitely still going, in different ways. I’m still in The Lord’s Army! And YES we ARE in warfare. . But Jesus has already Won The Victory ✌🏼! We are just working it out within Him. Praise Jesus! Lift His Banner High! 😃. Thanks for a little Monday School to bring to mind all He has done!! Another Facet💎. 😊


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