5 thoughts on “Burbank Faith Virtual: Monday School (11/8/21)

  1. Still learning to navigate this thing. . . Very difficult for me🤪. Takes me forever to leave a comment! But. . . LOVE THIS MESSAGE! Trying to press like, like like. But then it switches me to a new login page and tells me my I D and password are wrong and when I try to reset, it won’t let me? 🤣. I don’t know what I am doing! 😂. But I just keep pushing things till it Does post! Ha😅🥰


  2. Wanted to add, how much I really do relate to this message on several points. Mainly on the early morning two seconds of terror beginning of the day! I can SO relate ! First morning prayer being “Help Me Jesus, Guide me Holy Spirit!” The second I am conscious! And I have never considered myself to be an anxious person either. The feeling is similar to a feeling that I experienced in a few third world countries, that prompted me to be very cautious, but deliberate in what ever I was doing.
    The other thing I relate to SO much and LOVE,LOVE, LOVE ❤️! Is the “CHECK IT OUT” stuff!! Totally Like, Like, Like it!! ALWAYS HAVE! Especially when you refer to it in Church and take what you can from the secular and pull out the Godly that can be seen in it! 🥰💕🙏. Not being raised as a Christian, not knowing what VBS stood for or what it was, etc. until my Mid 50’s at Burbank Naz . Having been being taught and lead through the secular school of THE HOLY SPIRIT to Burbank Faith, a Church where I finally felt accepted! Don’t ever stop pulling secular gems from the 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s etc. The Holy Spirit speaks to us through ALL means to make Himself known or ALL men! And we all live in this world and learn through our common experiences. Many facets in the diamond.😄. Thanks again!👍🎯🧨💥BOOM!💕❤️.


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