Note to Faith & Friends: 7/3/21


Just a reminder that nothing is ever free.

It’s the Fourth of July tomorrow…and it happens to be on a Sunday this year. So we will worship the Lord because without the grace of the Lord we would have NO 4th of July.

Come to the Lord’s house to praise Him for all he has done.

And/Or join us at 9:AM on FB Live for our online message.

Note: Today I reposted a Fourth of July themed FaithView at …Please check it out.

God Bless…

Continue to Pray For:
At CIT Academy and recently this week…I’ve been introduced—via prayer requests from parents—to pray for our young people. The struggles aren’t uncommon but much more intensive than what we may remember in our youth. Young people, from places of authority in the public realm, some even in church, are being shamed for things having nothing to do with any choices they’ve made. They are living in fear of rejection and anger…and the response far too often is to give them “something to do” instead of “something to be.”

This is our task as believers, ministers, adults. We have to drive home–with all of our abilities–that these young people are precious and have been created in the image of God.

The Falco family—Recently lost their father Coleman Falco. He was Seana Zilbert’s youth pastor. The family a few years ago lost their mother to breast cancer. Please pray for the kids and grandkids.

Darlene Lovin (online member)—Physical pending.
Darlene’s friend Joyce (from Pasadena)—needs prayer for health.

David Davies—continued recovery from back surgery.

Miss Lori—General health.

Mark—Kathy Cavendar’s landlord’s health.

Mike Picard (online member)—His younger brother is battling cancer.

Lupe Martinez (Mother of a former student of Pastor Joe T.’s)

Gina Griffin (online member)—Surgery this Tuesday.

Trollingers (online member)—Their father is in need of prayer as he is suffering with cancer.

Camps—As of right now Kids Camp is “roughly” slated to being close to max capacity with kids & staff.

Our families in church—the effects of the shutdown are still being felt.

Update: We’ve had you pray for Riley Waters (one of our CITs at Granite Ridge)…he was diagnosed with leukemia a few months ago. News came in last week that as of this moment—after treatments—he is cancer free.

If I have missed a request please shoot it to me as a reminder. These have been busy days. Also please feel free to shoot me an update on any of these requests.

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