Note to Faith & Friends: 6/30/21

Bible StudyReminder Bible Study/Sermonette tonight on FB Live 5:30PM
The last three Wednesdays we’ve focused on key Bible Study techniques/tools to use when studying our Bible. And the whole emphasis is to Study our Bible, not merely read our Bible. Reading is very good, but Studying is the building block to affirming, advancing, defending, and living our faith.

The points for today’s sermonette will be:
***The books in the Bible are not in chronological order.
***Lots of things in the Bible can’t be understood by children.
***Use more than one translation.
***Meaning of word in original language is not determined by sound of that word in another language.
***If it’s weird, it’s important.
(Many of these topic headings are from Dr. Michael S. Heiser’s book on Mastering Bible Study…although in my sermonette’s I drill down to make them a bit more specific to our audience. This book is an excellent resource.)
These are the previous points we’ve made and if you have questions you can email me, comment here, or side bar me in an FB message.
Read your Bible with a critical eye—it can take it.
Thinking is better than memorizing.
Reading is not Studying.
Bible Study is a discipline not a ritual.
The goal of Bible Study shouldn’t be a spiritual buzz.
When you read about a location in the Bible, study that locations history.
Look up the cross-references and footnotes.
The point of Bible Study is the meaning of the text. Not a defense of your point of view.
Don’t allow anyone to protect you from your Bible.
Believing what the Bible says is not Bible Study
Five minutes is a long time.
Listening to a sermon is not Bible Study.
The Old Testament came before the New Testament.
Prayer doesn’t guarantee YOUR interpretation is accurate.
Context is King
Prayer Requests:
The Falco family—Recently lost their father Coleman Falco. He was Seana Zilbert’s youth pastor. The family a few years ago lost their mother to breast cancer. Please pray for the kids and grandkids.
Darlene Lovin (online member)—Physical pending.
Darlene’s friend Joyce (from Pasadena)—needs prayer for health.
David Davies—continued recovery from back surgery.
Miss Lori—General health.
Mark—Kathy Cavendar’s landlord’s health.
Mike Picard (online member)—His younger brother is battling cancer.
Gina Griffin (online member)—Surgery this coming week.
Trollingers (online memeber)—Their father is in need of prayer as he is suffering physically.
Camps—As of right now Kids Camp is “roughly” slated to have 180 kids & staff.
Our families in church—the effects of the shutdown are still being felt.
Update: We’ve had you pray for Riley Waters (one of our CITs at Granite Ridge)…he was diagnosed with leukemia a few months ago. News came in last week that as of this moment—after treatments—he is cancer free.
If I have missed a request please shoot it to me as a reminder. These have been busy days. Also please feel free to shoot me an update on any of these requests.

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