Gems From The Well: It’s All Free! With Your Salvation Package!” (Vol. 3)

Gems From The Well

In these strange and difficult times, we all need a reminder of where our hope is found…come to the Well…

By Shirley Fruchey

It’s All Free! With Your Salvation Package!”

Every one of us is looking for the greatest value. Especially now, in these difficult times. And even more so at Christmas. We’re seeking out the smartest choices in things that we purchase or obtain, from our internet and cell phone packages to the “Value Meals” at our favorite restaurants. We all want to get the most for our money and our time.

There is nothing wrong with wanting the most for our money or seeking out the greatest value. It is good to make sure that we are being proper stewards of the things that God has provided for us. In fact…He was the creator of that idea in the first place! He requires us to be faithful in all things (Luke 16:11), and sometimes that requires us to search out the “best package deal.” You might say that our God is the “Bundle Package King!”

So then, we shouldn’t be surprised when we come into a personal relationship with his son Jesus that we are actually getting a “Salvation Package.” And being the bundle hunters that we need to be, we may find ourselves asking questions like:
“Exactly what is included in the package?”
“How do we get in on it?”
“When can we redeem our Rewards Points???!!!”

First of all, as Christians, we know that our “Salvation Package” is not something we can EVER buy with earthly money. So we cannot “get in on it” that way. But we know that by accepting Jesus into our hearts and lives, we freely receive His gift of salvation and ultimately all that goes along with it. That is TRULY the greatest day of our lives. And, as we get to know him better, we begin to see what a marvelous, gracious, and loving savior it is that we serve.

So, what then comes in this eternal value bundle? Let’s look into the features that come with our relationship with Christ.
The Salvation Package:
The Forgiveness of Sin – 1 John 1:9
Eternal Life – 1 John 5: 13-14
Complete Insurance (Fire and Theft Included- we do not need to fear death, hell or theft, for no one can rob us of our relationship with Christ or snatch us from his hand!) – John 10:28
An Endless Protection Plan And Mercies that are New Every Morning – Lam 3: 22-24
Realization of Dreams (Beyond our wildest and most wonderful dreams) – 1 Peter 1: 3-4
A Complete Playlist from “The Heavenly Host.” – Rev 4:8
Never Ending Peace – Ps 29:11
Indescribable Joy – 1 Peter 1:8
The Promises of Scripture – 2 Tim 3:16
Instantaneous Connection to our Creator (No cell phone or internet connection necessary) – Isaiah 41:10
Instant membership into an enormous family and a place at the Master’s Table. Phil 3:20
The Fresh Daily Flowing of the Holy Spirit into Our Lives – Titus 3:5
A Mansion In Heaven Prepared for Us by the King – John 14:3

Let’s focus for a moment on one Salvation Package feature in particular… Let’s read together Lamentations 3:22-23.
“Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed, for His mercies never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, the Lord is my portion; therefore, I will wait for him. The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him. To the one who seeks him, it is good to wait quietly.”

I have a dear friend, Norma, who has been a wonderful Christian mentor to me over the years. When I struggle with things or feel down about my failures, she is always ready with words of encouragement and love. She always speaks truth back into my life. One of the things that she has said to me many times over the years that lifts my spirits when I am down is:

“Thank goodness that the Lord’s mercies are new every morning! Thank goodness that He daily provides us with a fresh flowing of the Holy Spirit, because I AM SURE that by the end of each day…I have used up all of my mercies and my cup is empty!!!” To which I add: “Fill me up again, Lord! Please fill me up!”

Of course, none of us are perfect, and our Heavenly Father knows that we were going to need to be continually renewed and replenished by his Holy Spirit. He knows that we will need that fresh flowing of grace that only comes from God and is included in our Salvation Package!

Can you think back on times when you may have “used up all of your mercies in a day?” What did that day look like? Was it filled with frustration? Anger? Sorrow? Was it a day where your patients snagged, stretched, and just kept on tearing? Were you rushing through the hustle and bustle so fast you missed an opportunity to show Christ’s love to someone? If we are honest, we’ve all had days like these. But, how marvelous that we, as Christians, have 24-hour, direct access to C.V.S. (Christ’s Victory over Sin) in our Salvation Package!

We know that we cannot use that feature of our Salvation Package as an excuse to go out and be reckless every day, sin like crazy, and then “fall back” on His new mercies every morning. No!

But it’s refreshing to know when we feel like we’ve missed the mark, are feeling empty, dry, or defeated, that we have access to that fresh flowing from God’s Holy Spirit. And it is available to us at any time, with each new and glorious day, and is FREE and included…in our Salvation Package!

See you at the Well!

Shirley can be reached at:

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