2 thoughts on “Burbank Faith Sermon: March 29, 2020

  1. Pastor Joe,

    This is David Shaw. Theresa played your Sunday sermon for me. It really hit home for me as I have been struggling with my faith, trust, and my control issues (for years) and my commitment to read and study the bible, and give more time to Him. I have been convicted and aware of my shortcomings and am trying to discipline myself to pray and read the Bible more to resolve these issues and grow.

    As always since that day, I broke down and just sobbed when you talked about a little pink casket (or anyone asks or talks about Rachael). Thank you for being there for me at the worst time in my life – GOD BLESS YOU! I was aware it was difficult for you, but I did not know how much it affected you – so much so that you would bring it up again in a sermon almost 17 years later to benefit your flock. I appreciate you and your ministry and I pray that God will bless you and your church.

    I know that you will pray for me, and I thank you in advance.

    I love you Brother, keep up the Good Works.


    PS: I can really relate to the grey hair and glasses – LOL


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