Burbank Faith 2018 Men’s Retreat Awards

Great retreat, great location, looking forward to next year.

The Steve McQueen Award

James Zilbert

The Freak Pastor Joe T. Out Award

Rick Fruchey

Rick Fruchey: 100 miles toward our destination; “I’ve noticed the vibration in your driveshaft. Have you noticed it, Kris?”

The King of Cards

Kris Turk

Kris Turk:

Horse Champion

Ken Stoker

Ken Stoker:

Gandalf (AKA:Father Time) Award

Carson Powers

Carson Powers:

Dark Ops Award

Matt Khitikian

Matt Khitikian: What happens at Granite Ridge…Stays at Granite Ridge.

Courage Award

Tony Daltorio

Tony Daltorio: As of December 3, 2017, he didn’t know anybody on this retreat…And now he knows we can occasionally howl at the moon.

Best Russell Crowe Story Award

Stanton Young

Stan Young:

Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them Award

Mike Martin: Mr. Martin found them.


El Que Ríe Nerviosamente Award

Bill Leone

(AKA: He Who Giggles Award)
Bill Leone: What happens at Granite Ridge…Stays at Granite Ridge.

He Who Eats Too Much Award

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