Burbank Faith Today: April 3, 2018

Sunday Services: 10:30 AM
505 South Sixth St. Burbank, CA

The Ladies of Burbank Faith are excited about “Women of Worth” tonight.

According to astronomers Humphreys & Waddington, Jesus Christ was crucified on this day in A.D. 33.

Even though this past Friday, in 2018, was recognized as the day Christ went to the cross…Even though this past Sunday, in 2018, was recognized as Easter/Resurrection Day…Even though, according to Humphreys & Waddington, this Thursday will be the historical Easter/Resurrection Day…So what?

Every Sunday, The Lord’s Day, is Resurrection Day for believers…And when you think about it, every single day is a Resurrection Day for believers because we remember what we were and what he’s done through every moment of fellowship, through every second of prayer, and through every line of Scripture we read.

So Pastor Joe T.’s offer still stands: “I’ll give you Christmas and Easter off in exchange for us coming together the other 50 Sundays of the year.”


Women of Worth: Tonight at 7:PM
Soup for the appetizer & The Word for the meal.

Bible Study returns Wednesday night: 7:PM

Men’s Retreat at Granite Ridge—April 6-8

Burbank Faith Prayer List:
Pauline Olson, Nancy, Peter & “Laura,” …

Children With Illness
Piper & Grayson
Aurora (Rory)

Diane Leone

Greg Garman/Family & District Office
Pastor Chuck & Dixie Smith
Pastor George & Margie Eastis
Granite Ridge
George Lee Ministries
Avenues Ministry
Faith Promise

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