Burbank Faith Today: December 5, 2017

Miss Lori might wear black but you don’t have to at Wednesday night Bible Study.

“The grace of God is absolute, the salvation of Jesus is perfect, it is done forever. I am not being saved, I am saved; salvation is as eternal as God’s throne; the thing for me to do is to work out what God works in.”—Oswald Chambers, “My Utmost for His Highest”—December 5th

Bible Study Tomorrow Night
All-Welcome Bible Study tomorrow night in Martin Hall at 7:P.M.
We will be in 2nd Samuel.

Christmas Eve—Sunday, December 24th
First, YES! There will be church on Christmas Eve.
Second, the service will be great, unique, and not too long so you can spend time with the rest of your family.

Burbank Faith Prayer List:
Pauline Olson, Arouse Pashigian, Haylee Algorri & “Laura”…These ladies are all dealing with cancer.
Roxi Clark & Rick Lippitt
Heather Wagner—pregnant mom, with diabetes.
“Lee Blume”
Piper & Grayson: Piper Morse used to attend Faith years ago, he son—Grayson—is very ill.
Pastor Chuck & Dixie Smith
George Lee Ministries
Avenues Ministry
Faith Promise/Church Restoration Project

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