Special Men’s Prayer Night at Burbank Faith–(8/13/17)

I’d like to invite all the men who attend and men associated with Burbank Faith to join us for a special prayer night this Sunday at 6:PM

I understand this is short notice but during prayer time in prayer this week, I believe the Lord is leading us to come together.

We’ll be praying about issues facing the church…for our families…for our children…and if anyone wants to share anything else (but no one will be required to share anything if they don’t feel comfortable—Meaning no one will be put on the spot.)…We will pray…pray for each other…and dismiss at 7:PM

There are no plans to make this a weekly routine. So don’t worry by coming this Sunday night that you are committing to anything longterm. I’m only asking for this Sunday night.

I will have the church open at 5:30 and some drinks and snacks…We will start at 6:PM and end at the stroke of 7:PM.

I am personally asking all the men to attend. Whether you are regular member of Burbank Faith or just associated with us…We can all use prayer for ourselves and those we love.

Looking forward to this time together.

God Bless!

Pastor Joe Torosian


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