“The Dead Bug Tales” Now Available

Pastor Joe’s second book “The Dead Bug Tales” is now available in both paperback & Kindle on Amazon.com (click picture).

Pack your gear, grab a sleeping and get ready to spend a week with the youth pastors, staff and campers at Tara Pines Christian Camp. Joe Torosian’s “The Dead Bug Tales” takes us back to a time before cell phones, the internet and zero tolerance policies.

Experience the fun, share the stories and remember a time when it was possible to have your heart broken, and joy restored all in the same day. A time when you were homesick but never wanted to go home. When you were grossed out but were still having the time of your life.

“The Dead Bug Tales” is now available thru Amazon.

“I’m 70, and this book made me feel like I was back at a campfire service with my friends. I loved it.”—Cathy, Advanced Reader

“This book made me remember when I was around youth pastors like Suitcase Charlie and Virgil Waynes and the impact they had on my life. Meatballs meets Christian camp, awesome!”—Sean, Advanced Reader

“I’ve known and enjoyed Joe Torosian as a sportswriter for 15 years. It’s awesome to discover who he was and what he was part of before writing about our boys playing football.”—Jenny, Advanced Reader

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