Burbank Faith Today: May 2, 2017

Sunday Services: 10:30 AM
505 South Sixth St. Burbank, CA

FaithView, For Storm Riders:
“But you must return to your God: maintain love and justice, and wait for your God always.”—Hosea 12:6

(See yesterday for Part One)

How do we live justly?

All the social action the world takes today is about fixing the symptoms of troubling issues, not the cause…And that’s okay for the world. Why should we expect the world to have this all figured out? The world is not making a claim about serving an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent creator of the universe who gave his son to die on the cross.

Honestly, the world is doing the best it can, given the restraints, it’s placed on itself. So, get off its case.

The real error of dealing with symptoms instead of the cause in today’s world comes from those claiming a relationship with the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent creator of the universe who gave his son to die on the cross.

It is very apparent the church—church universal—is not doing its job. Someone needs to get on its case.

The problem with the church today is that it is motivated by the goodness of Christ…(Did you just hear skidding brakes? I did.)…The problem with the church today is that it is motivated by the goodness of Christ…(Did you hear it that time? Because I heard it again.)…We are motivated by the goodness of Christ, but we’re not motivated by his holiness.

We’re talking about Jesus Christ here, there are hundreds of examples, but some of his most deliberate acts are the same required of us if we’re going to model him to a world in darkness.

We’ll skip crucifixion—if that’s okay— and look at these instead (Even though he did tell us to pick up our cross and follow him.):

The temptations that Satan throws at him while he is fasting for 40 days…shows the ability to deny himself.

The action of separating himself from those giving him adulation…demonstrates the necessity of time alone with God.

The prayer in the garden when he says, “not my will but thy will.” …To surrender power and authority…That’s not a game changer, that’s a history changer.

So what does this have to do with living justly?

We can only live a just life, by first living a holy life.

(If you’re still hung up on perfection and holy being the same thing, shake it off. They’re not the same thing. Okay? We good? Cool.)

We live a holy life when we have the ability to deny ourselves of the things that WE desire most in favor of the Lord. Not just ephemeral cravings but long term habits and even long term plans.

We live a holy life when we consistently separate ourselves from those around us. Not only to have a time with the Lord…But to be so identified with the Lord that any other tag, label or branding of us would be ridiculous…We separate ourselves to pray, yes—of course—but we also separate ourselves in life from all that can hinder our identity in Christ.

We live a holy life when we give the Holy Spirit full control. Remember the Holy Spirit is not a relief pitcher for God…The Holy Spirit is not some other angel…or good guy in the employ of the Lord…The Holy Spirit is the Lord…And to give control to his Spirit gives him control of our lives.

…And if God has control of our lives then we know what the fruits will be. Faith, hope, love…and the greatest of them being love.

That love will compel us to live justly…To seek and practice justice. To care for the orphan, the widowed, the poor…It will also cause us to love them enough to do more than just visible acts of kindness for them…It will cause us to give them truth. (Truth being very dangerous to seeker friendly ministries these days.)

God is offering you himself to change your way of thinking and to free you to live this life to its fullest.

What’s the world offering? Better put, what is the Laodicean-dead theology of the church in the 21st-century offering? Sensitivity courses? Multicultural conferences? Lessons in Social Justice? Calls to renounce your White Privilege? More hoops to jump through disguised as good works and new sacraments? A protest march?

That sounds like you’re dealing with symptoms to me…not the heart…not the soul.

Remember how the old hymn went… “What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.”

Christ, abiding in Christ, a holy life in Christ is the only thing that will change a life, your life, the history of every life.

You have been called to live a holy life…Preach and teach a holy life…And all these ailments that affect you, your family, your community, your church and your world will be remedied because a holy life can allow you to do no other.

“Therefore, I urge you brothers in view of god’s mercy to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”—Romans 12: 1-2


Collectible/Antique Sale This Friday & Saturday:
Join us this weekend in Martin Hall for Paul Cassity’s special sale. Lot of unique stuff…lot of cool stuff…Doors open at 6:PM on Friday night and 8:30 AM on Saturday morning.


Reminder: VBS is on the way…June 26-30…You can register ONLINE NOW!

A VBS Unlike Any Other:
You can sign up your child and their friends here on our website. Look the button up top, click, and follow.


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Eric Canto has created a Burbank Faith channel on YouTube and has placed all of our recent services there. Go check it out.


VBS Goes to Rome: The theme for Vacation Bible School this year is “Rome: Paul & The Underground Church”
The dates are June 26-30…Look at your calendar…share with your friends…Pray for Seana Zilbert, who is directing…Make plans to volunteer.

Pastor Joe’s second book “The Dead Bug Tales” is now available in both paperback & Kindle on Amazon.com (click picture)—Or if you would like to order from Pastor Joe directly at a sale price contact me.

July is Camps Month: Remember July is camps month…Junior High, High School & Kids will all have separate camps at Granite Ridge.

District Assembly is July 12-14
(It is one month later this year due to General Assembly (Indianapolis) being held June 21-30.)

SrHi Camp: July 16-21
Kids Camp: July 23-28
JrHi Camp: July 30-August 4


Did You Know?
On this date…

…In 1863, Stonewall Jackson attacks Chancellorsville, Virginia, wounded by his own men; South defeats North. This is critical because Jackson gets an infection after being shot and dies. Therefore in the field at the battle of Gettysburg where his presence might have changed the outcome of the battle…Which would have changed history.

…In 1949, American missionary and martyr Jim Elliot wrote in his journal: “The man who will not act until he knows all will never act at all.”


Join the men of Burbank Faith–The Sons of Desert–for breakfast on Saturday (8:30 AM) at Harry’s on San Fernando.

Church Calendar:
May 2: Women’s Bible Study—7:00 PM
May 3:
All Church Prayer Time: 7—to—7:30 PM
Worship Team Practices: 7:30 PM
Adult Bible Study—1 Samuel 18—7:30 PM
May 6: Men’s Breakfast at Harry’s, 8:00 AM
May 7: Sunday Service, 10:30 AM…Sunday evening “Prayer Hour” from 6-to-7:00 PM
May 8: “Riders On The Storm”—7:00 PM
May 14: Mother’s Day
May 21: VBS planning meeting, following morning worship.
May 29: Memorial Day
June 26-30: VBS Week

As believers, we have to remain in continual prayer for all of our first responders…all our leaders…not a political party but for those carrying the heavy burden of leadership in our country and communities.

Kourtney Zilbert (Left) is one of our own…Keep her and her partner Austin in prayer.

President Donald Trump

Mayor of Burbank, Jesse Talamantes

Senator Kamala Harris

Senator Diane Feinstein

California Governor, Jerry Brown




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