Reminder: Wednesday Prayer Time 7-to-7:30

Pastor Joe & Ana T.

Pastor Joe & Ana T.

We get…(the board & the staff)…get and understand the busyness of our lives…but we want to encourage to take a good look at joining us for prayer on Wednesday night…We meet at 7:00…sometimes we go right into prayer…sometimes we share requests and praises till about 7:15…but then we are out…

The blessings of our church have not happened because of its Pastors or any one thing…but by the actions of our Lord. He’s heard our prayers…So we continue to pray to the God who knows by name…knows our church.

Some of the items we pray for are;

***The health of Burbank Faith spiritually.

***The health of Burbank Faith’s people physically & emotionally.

***Our children.

***The children of our friends and neighbors.

***Our young people.


***…And the generations that will come after us.

***We even pray for each other…and would love to pray for you.

7-to-7:30 in the sanctuary every Wednesday night.

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