FaithView: March 5, 2010

Joe T.By Joe Torosian

“The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing. Come, my children, listen to me; I will teach you the fear of the Lord.”
Psalm 34: 10-11

One of the dangers we can fall into is getting too informal with God.

He is our friend, he is everything, I understand, but he is also the sovereign God. It’s spiritual laziness when we settle and say: “Jesus is cool”.

Of course, he’s cool, but he is also Lord. There is a distinction between him and us. Between him and me…and I am better served when I remember this.

You cannot be equal with Jesus…You can’t. You emulate, you honor, you live by his blood and his word but you cannot be his equal.

He’s not a casual Facebook friend that you poke, send a smile or a flower to. It’s not enough to become a fan of “Jesus is Cool”.

This isn’t about more liturgy in morning worship, it is not about ladies covering their heads, or men putting on suits and ties.

It’s not about attempting to conjure up some pious outer appeal.

It’s not about being against reading your Bible at the beach or under a tree. Or coming to church in sandals, jeans, and a Hawaiian shirt. It’s not, necessarily, even about describing Jesus as being cool.

It’s about keeping clear on who he is and who we are.

He is the creator, we are the created.

It’s not my will but his will.

It’s not my desires for my life, but His desires for my life.

In the elementary…It’s not about me sacrificing or suffering to garner his affection and blessing.

It’s about me being obedient…even when feelings go away.

The greatest of relationships/friendships are not about some fabulous thing that has been done for you…but the friend always being there for you.

In the case of Jesus, from his end, it is about what he’s done for us out of great love. But from our end, because we can never match what he has done, it is always about us being there.

It is always about being obedient to Him…This is how I demonstrate my love and gratefulness for the blessings of this life as well as eternity.

Obedient even when the call on me at a certain moment is not rational.

To a best friend I may say; “Dude, come on. I’m not doing that.”

To my Lord and my God, I need to say; “Yes.”

“The real test of the saint is not in the preaching of the gospel, but washing the disciples’ feet, that is, doing the things that do not count in the actual estimate of men but count everything in the estimate of God.”
— Oswald Chambers

Jesus is our friend, but he is also the alpha and the omega.

Jesus delights in the smallest details of our lives, but he is also everlasting, ever eternal…He is always.

Let’s never forget how big he really is.

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